Self Determination
Helping others achieve their goals

Hopes and dreams come in many shapes and sizes. For all of us, pursuing our aspirations is a defining measure of our happiness and fulfillment.
Zenith Services, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating and supporting vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities, is dedicated to helping the people we serve pursue their dreams, make meaningful choices, and become integral to their communities.

In today’s increasingly diverse work place, the integration of people with disabilities is not only the right thing to do – it also makes good business sense.

Supported Services

We work with employers to provide support and training of employees at no cost to the employer. Services include applicant screening, employee training and support, continual employee assessment and employer satisfaction. We also provide identification and acquisition of work place accommodations

Job Placement

We work to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between job seekers and the employers who want to hire them. Our vocational counselors work side by side with job seekers to identify industries and careers that suit their interests. We create a plan to help job seekers find the job that is right for them


Our person-centered Day Support Services provide individualized assessment and planning to help a person identify essential life skill needs and discover activities that enrich their life and support a person’s community relationships, involvement and inclusion

Peace of Mind

“What comes to mind when I think of Zenith is peace of mind. I know my son is safe and well cared for. If able to verbalize, our son would say Zenith is a “happy place” for him. Zenith provides a purpose for our son to look forward to. He has a place to go every morning. He looks forward to his time there, and his van rides both ways. He adores the Program Director and the caring staff there. Our son especially loves the outdoor platform swing at Zenith. It really helps his sensory issues and calms him down.”

“The communication with us is prompt; the program director is quick with a text or phone call for both troublesome issues and happy calls. I am confident in the Program Director’s ability to lead there and keep me in the loop. We are grateful to Zenith for providing this sanctuary for our son, and for us.”

Support Us

We provide a positive and constructive atmosphere that builds people’s self-esteem and their promotes one’s own ability to make choices

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